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I have to admit, at first I had never heard of Ian Cooper.

I knew that big profits were possible in the volatile and tricky Biotech sector, but when I finally got the opportunity to have Ian on my team and work closely with him for several years, I’ve been completely blown away by his results and the great trades I’ve gotten from him time and time again.

Yes, I trade them myself, too! Why wouldn’t I? DUH!

In fact, others seem to agree.

“Ian, you’ve become my favorite advisor. Thanks for notching up the efforts to better advise us through these exciting market times.” – Kevin A.

“I love it. You’re doing a great job but I keep taking profit way too early.” – EG Buck

“You have made me more money (results censored for compliance purposes) than all the rest put together. I follow every word including stop loss % and sell recommendations. I am 55 years old semi-retired and don’t care to do all the research required to make decisions as an amateur. I stated with (censored) and because of you that number is over (censored). So please continue to take care of us the same way you always.” – Pat T.

“I just made (censored) in a month. Thank you.” – B.P.

Even better, we’re opening our track records to you right now. You can see for yourself how spot on the advice has been. Look at this amazing track record since July 2017:

Sure, past success is no guarantee of future success, but it’s a darn good indicator! And there doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe that the gains will stop any time soon… especially with 80 million baby boomers, newly insured Americans, new innovation, and explosive mergers and acquisitions.

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New treatments for ailments such as CRISPR, Alzheimer’s disease Psychosis (ADP), cancers, heart disease, diabetes and countless other issues. With Biotech Options designed to capture breakout moves long before the herd wakes up, you stand to make a fortune.

I’ll refer you back to the track record above.

Biotech Options includes:

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