Dear Reader,

I’m Courtney Smith. I have a quick lesson for you on options trading today.

It’s a way to make anywhere from two to nearly 10 times your money over the next six months – no matter what the greater market is doing.

What I love most about this technique is that you can see in advance – up to four months – exactly how much money you can potentially make.

In fact, over the next five months, you could walk away with a gain of at least $5,550 for every $1,000 you invest in a single trade placed today. Fact is the upside is unlimited.

That opportunity lies in highest ACTION sector on Wall Street – BIOTECH…

The last time biotech prices were as volatile as they are today, a simple biotech trade turned every $5,000 into $8,500 in two months.

This isn’t a one-time deal, though.

The history of the biotech market is full of millionaire-making situations, some even better than this.

In fact, biotech has been one of the only markets to crush the major indexes over the last five years. Even in a weak market year, such as 2011, 10% gains in biotech blew away the S&P 500’s loss of 3% on the year.

In 2012, biotech more than doubled the 14% gains on the S&P 500… By 2013, biotech crushed the S&P 500’s gains of 30% with a 68% run on the year.

In 2014, the S&P 500 showed a gain of 12%. Biotech was up 36% on the year…

By 2015, as the S&P 500 remained flat, biotech returned a 10% gain.

Quite literally, 2015 was one of the most exciting on record, as the sector accounted for $400 billion worth of mergers and acquisitions that are opening up a ton of opportunity for us in 2016! Had you thought about that? We have.

And if you missed those runs in biotech, don’t worry about it…

You can NOW buy in at 2014 prices! You caught a break, but don’t miss it this time!

In fact, out of the dozens of opportunities we’ve found, we’ve got our eye on one stock that could easily double… if not quadruple in 2016.

Projections call for this one stock to rally $16 from current prices… with the potential to earn thousands of dollars for YOU on a ONE single trade.


Not a Long-Term Investment…

Just to be perfectly clear, this is not a long-term investment. It’s not a stock, a bond, or anything else considered a long-term position that may take years to pan out.

It’s simply a trade we think will DEFINITELY pay off quite well THIS YEAR – a simple way to make two to 10 times your money in relatively short order.

The average trader won’t pick up on this, because they lack the awareness that you do. By the time they pick up on it, it will be too late, and once it comes… BOOM!!

In fact, in 2015 alone, we closed 61 out of 68 trades for double-digit wins using a very simple technique that has been fine-tuned over the last 17 years. Did you catch that? 61 winners out of 68 trades. Anything less than 30 trades is not statistically significant, so I don’t want to hear about how great someone was on three or four trades.

Others have tried to copy it – in fact I have a list of them – but they failed many times simply because they don’t combine the secret multi-faceted approach we use with each and every trade…

And from what I’ve seen in the last 17 years, not only am I forecasting that the biotech sector will explode over the next 12 months, I expect one select stock to more than double… if not triple long before 2016 is over.

And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is to prove our success.

I’ll tell you more about that pledge shortly.

Most investors don’t get this opportunity…

Despite the recent pullback, and sadly, even more so because of it, most pundits fail miserably to pay attention to the underlying strengths of biotech. Just how many years in a row were they orders of magnitude wrong?

First, we have 80 million baby boomers retiring over the next 20 years, demanding better healthcare and treatment.

Secondly, more than 30 million formerly uninsured Americans now have coverage for the first time ever.

Plus, big pharmaceutical companies will continue to snap up smaller biotech companies in an effort to keep innovation alive, and strengthen older pipelines.

The same multi-billion companies that paid out $400 billion in M&A last year… are still on the hunt for similar deals, new innovation, and growth to strengthen older pipelines.

In fact, Johnson & Johnson announced it’s open to a deal of any scale. Amgen is hunting for a $20 billion acquisition…

Even Gilead is open to a $10 billion acquisition as it sits on $25 billion in cash with hepatitis drug sales easing from the peak.

I call tell you with high certainty that under-scoping the huge potential of biotech could be THE biggest mistake of an entire investing lifetime.

And the latest pullback provides us with an amazing buying opportunity…

This is Exactly What you want to See…

It’s obvious many investors are scared that biotech has gone bust. But there’s no reason for that fear. I HOPE they stay away for now. Better for me and you in the end if they do, so let them stay scared!

More than 17 Years on the Inside

Our biotech analyst – Ian Cooper – has been a biotech insider for the last 17 years, developing strategies to win in the biotech market…

…with incredible success.

Do you know how EXTRAORDINARY it is to close 61 wins out of 68 tries, in a DOWN market. Do you want to be extraordinary?

Ian bought the iShares NASDAQ Biotech Index (IBB) at $80 in 2008… and stayed with it until it hit $400! That’s 5x trading.

When other analysts recommended staying away from the AbbVie scare, Cooper ran in… and recommended a buy on the stock several dollars below where it stands today.

He also recommended buying the ABBV January 2016 52.50 calls on October 27.

Not even two weeks later, he recommended exiting the stock for up to 21% gains… and the options for 249%.

Ian Cooper has placed HUNDREDS of Biotech trades with a big winning track record.

In fact, on one of his best runs in history, he closed just THREE losers between August 2014 and May 2015.

That’s why I’m so confident about this latest trade… and its ability to at least double – if not quadruple – your returns THIS YEAR.

Cooper is on fire…

Again, we’re seeing the perfect set up for a trade that’ll make money despite what the overall market may do…

And it will be exclusively available on Option University’s Biotech Membership.

This service, with weekly commentary and hot biotech trade alerts, was first launched in 2011 with one goal: to show students how to profit from opportunities in the biotech market before most investors even know they exist.

The key is to get in early, on the ground floor… and be taking profits while others are just getting on the bandwagon.

We never said we have a crystal ball. We don’t win every single time. What we do have is a unique and powerful way to analyze the events that impact biotech stocks. Can you imagine that there are hundreds of these opportunities every year? There are, but you have to know what you’re looking for, when to pounce, and where to look.

What if somebody else just did the work for you and told you the answers?

Imagine instantly increasing your returns in flat years, down years, and sideways trending years… We’ve done it.

And we’ve made students a great deal of money along the way.

Here’s something even better…

Every 30 days on average, our biotech students are making an average return of 43%.

But we’ve got a trade that could crush that average in a matter of months.

No trade – no matter how powerful – will make you money until you buy it. That’s why I’m sending it to you right now.

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Like all the Alerts we send to our Biotech Options members, this one will go directly to your email inbox, complete with all the details you need to make your move.

We send these opportunities out as soon as we discover them, usually about once per week.

With each new trade we’ll email you simple step-by-step instructions, along with the best price to buy in. We also include the results of Ian’s painstaking analysis, such as the catalyst behind the trade ideas, with exact buy and exit strategies.

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The Best Deal Ever…

With the proven success Ian Cooper can demonstrate, normally tuition for this kind of access would easily be $5,000 a year. That’s more than reasonable – and an industry average.

But we won’t ask for anywhere near that.

Today, we’re discounting that significantly below. Click here to learn more.

Plus, here’s my guarantee…

This service will pay for itself… or your second year is 100% free. We can probably accomplish that with our ONE SPECIAL TRADE we’ve been hinting about.

I’m so confident this trade will make money that I’m willing to GUARANTEE it. Here’s what I’ll do: Either this trade shows a profit in our track record over the next few months, or just give us a call and we’ll extend your Biotech Options membership for another year.

For FREE!!

Again, many investors have no idea how this technique works, and the time to make your money on this trade is NOW.

The moment I hear from you, I’ll send you the steps to make up to two to 10 times your money. Let me add this – you will make money, for sure, or the extra year of membership is on us.

Aren’t you curious about performance like 43% every 30 days?

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Let me hear from you right now.

Don’t wait another moment.

You could start making a great deal of money TODAY, right this very minute. And with our guarantees, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Again, I’m Courtney Smith. Thanks for joining me today.